When any information is uploaded to a website hosting account or downloaded from it, web site traffic is generated which is a feature that each hosting package comes with. It is also one of the characteristics you need to take a look at, because the amount of website traffic quota you'll need will depend on the things you need the account for. The site traffic is mainly generated by downloads and this includes site visits. Basically, whenever somebody goes to your site, the webpages are downloaded from the server on their computer and they're subsequently displayed by their internet browser. It is of course important to be aware that uploads matter as well, therefore whenever you duplicate large files from your computer to the server, some traffic will be generated too. Different companies can have different names for this specific feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however all of them apply to the very same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing information created for a particular period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Website Hosting
The monthly web site traffic allowance for all our website hosting packages is sufficient for any website. If you have a blog, a discussion forum or electronic commerce portal, the amount of info will be transferred to and from your account or hitting some reduced quota restriction will never be an explanation for your websites to be inaccessible. We also provide elaborate website traffic info, so you will have the option to monitor the amount of data is being downloaded all of the time. The hourly, daily and monthly statistics will give you an idea how the sites perform, what kind of files generate the most site traffic as well as much more useful information to help you manage the sites along with your account altogether. The statistics can be viewed with just a couple of mouse-clicks from your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
All our semi-dedicated server packages are very powerful so you can run various web sites in just a single account. The monthly traffic characteristic matches that power, that's why what you'll get is a hosting account with truly limitless data transfer. For this reason, your websites can grow as much as it is possible with this type of website hosting and you can have as many website visitors as you would like. For more efficient website and account management, you're given the option to see view how much site traffic each of your web sites produces, still we will never set a restriction. For your convenience, you will be able to see hourly, daily and monthly numbers and the particular pages that are visited most often, or the most downloaded files. Using our semi-dedicated hosting packages, you'll never concern yourself with reaching any traffic limit so that you are able to concentrate on developing your websites and receiving more visitors.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
Considering how powerful all our dedicated servers are, the data transfer that you will have each month will be enough for any kind of web site irrespective of the amount of its visitors, even if you provide image or file hosting. You'll receive a quota of terabytes of site traffic every single month and as you won't share the server with anyone else, that quota will be provided only for your websites and web apps. We'll notify you as soon as you reach 90% of the allowance so that you'll be able to react and either optimize your web sites to lessen the website traffic they make, or increase the limit. It's highly unlikely that you may ever require more than what we will give you, but we will not limit the development of your websites, therefore we leave the possibility to add more website traffic open. The dedicated server plans feature a control panel where you will be able to see what amount of traffic has been generated to date for the current month and the amount that is left until you reach the cap. Considering that these figures contain software installations and updates, they're more correct as compared to any hosting Control Panel stats which include only the traffic made by web sites.